Questions for and about the author.

Questions for and about the author.

Most people who know me don't immediately think of me as someone who would write a scary story. Most people's first impression of me is that I am s jokester, and they would be correct. I love making people laugh and have even done it for a living (See picture of me onstage above).  But, I have to admit that I have many sides, or personalities. In addition to writing, I have been doing magic since I was ten years old and have even created a series of magical illusions with a Biblical message! I still occasionally perform magic shows. Another love of mine is singing. I have been singing since I was pretty young and still enjoy getting to sing for people. I have mostly done gospel music but have also been in some rock and country bands. One chance singing job that I accepted ended up going much further than I expected.

     A lady that I worked with came to me and said that her friend was having a birthday party and she was a big Elvis fan. My friend said she wanted me to do Elvis at the party. I told her that I didn't do Elvis to which she replied, "I'll pay you $300.00 to sing two songs." Of course I told her I was sure that I could do Elvis! The party was at a Country & Western bar in Knoxville, TN in July. My friend had rented me a terrible Elvis costume for the occasion. The air conditioning was out at the bar and I was soaking wet in my makeshift Elvis attire! The bar was packed that night as there were two birthday parties going on. I was sure these people were going to throw me out of the bar because it really wasn't an Elvis crowd, at least I didn't think so. I got up on stage and did my Elvis and the place went wild! They loved it! The owner of the bar wanted to hire me to come back every Saturday and do my "show." Then, my workplace saw a video of the performance and asked me to do it at work, which was a theme park. So, for a couple of months, every day I had to be Elvis. The kicker was when I had to do it for a Christmas party that was booked at the park. When I finished, a man came up to me and handed me his card. He wanted me to go on tour and do this for a living! He was President of the International Elvis Impersonator's Association! Needles to say, I passed on that opportunity.

     Another great passion of mine is martial arts. It has shaped who I am and gave me the confidence to do things I would have never tried otherwise. I started training at a very early age and continue to this day. I have taught many people and still train a few people in my spare time. I even had some full contact fights back in the PKA days and I have written articles for Black Belt/Karate Kung Fu Illustrated.

     Well, that's a little about me and my passions. I have others but will save it for another time. If you have questions about anything dealing with my writing or anything else in my life then go to my website or email and leave me a question or a comment and I will do my best to answer anything that I can. You can also ask me questions on my GoodReads Author page as well. Until next time, I hope you  enjoy the rest of your day and are reading a great book!